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December 2012

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Pedorthics – Making a Difference: Modified Footwear Can Be Comfortable and Stylish Too

Pedorthists don’t just make orthotics. Footwear can play a major role in a patients comfort, and modifying them so that they perfectly fit the individual’s foot is an important part of our job.

When we think about orthopaedic shoes, many of us immediately think of the comfortable, frumpy shoes found in Grandma’s closet. Fortunately, this widely held stereotype no longer holds true. There are now many stylish options available for patients, which is great, as many patients simply won’t wear a shoe they don’t like.
One of my patients is a 20-year-old, petite blonde, with a great smile. By looking at her you wouldn’t know she has endured more than 15 surgeries, countless hours of physiotherapy, and is in constant pain – unless you looked at her feet. She was born with club foot deformity, which causes the foot to be twisted inward, and the toes to be pointing down.