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July 2013

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Do You Have Jimmy Choo Pain?

Did you ever see the episode of “Sex and the City” where Carrie gets fitted with custom made orthotics to ease the pain from Morton’s neuroma? OK…it never happened, but if Carrie was a real person, chances are it would have, as high heels – Carrie’s trademark fashion choice – are a common cause of this painful condition.

Don’t Think Your Foot Pain is Forever – A Pedorthist Can Help

A few years ago, I noticed a gentleman hobbling around our Halifax shoe store. I noticed he was trying an assortment of shoes that would be of no benefit to him so I approached him and suggested he speak to his family doctor about coming in for an assessment. He was encouraged by our conversation but he was still convinced there was no way to fix what he described as his “tick tock” leg.

All Sandals Aren’t Created Equal

It may be fashionable to wear flimsy, lightweight flip flops during the summer but unfortunately many of the popular styles are not good for your feet. If you are soaking up the sun on a cottage dock or a backyard deck, a pair of soft flip flops are fine but if you are doing a lot of walking you should be more selective about your sandals.