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August 2013

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Fitting Children’s Shoes

If your child isn’t a budding young fashionista, chances are back-to-school shopping in your home is met with cries of resistance. Although selecting and purchasing clothes for resistant young shoppers to try on at home is a great solution, make it clear when it comes to shoe shopping, a trip to the shoe store is non-negotiable.

Team Approach to Diabetic Foot Care

I often get asked what I like best about my career as a Pedorthist. While there are many things I enjoy, particularly interacting with clients and problem solving, the most enjoyable part of my career is being a member of a healthcare team. As a foot expert I work in collaboration with podiatrists, wound care nurses, endocrinologists and family doctors, to improve the quality of patients’ lives. Within my own clinic, I also work as a team with my pedorthic colleagues and we regularly share learning experiences, insights, and consult with each other during patient assessments. This team approach is particularly important when caring for patients living with diabetes.