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November 2013

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Do I Need Orthopaedic Shoes?

Supportive, well-fitting footwear plays a vital role in keeping people mobile and pain free. However wearing appropriate shoes is sometimes not enough for people with certain foot conditions and foot types. If you have a foot or toe deformity, a complicated or severe foot injury, extremely wide bunions, an open sore, or a neurological disease that affects your feet you may require orthopaedic shoes.

Magic Behind Modified Shoes

Canadian Certified Pedorthists have many tools to improve patients’ mobility and comfort, including orthotics, supportive footwear and orthopaedic shoes. But for patients with certain foot types and conditions these tools may not be sufficient. These patients may require shoes that are modified or altered to exactly meet the shape and requirements of their feet and lower limbs.

The Myths About Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics are one of the most effective tools Canadian Certified Pedorthists use to relieve and prevent foot and lower limb pain. These small medical devices fit discreetly into patients’ shoes to help support and align their feet. Foot orthotics can be purchased off-the-shelf or be custom made by a Pedorthist to meet a patient’s specific biomechanical needs and foot condition.