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April 2014

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Waterloo Pedorthist keeps elite athletes at the top of their game

I was once an elite athlete who competed at the Commonwealth and was named to an Olympic team. Following an injury a Pedorthist helped me get back on my feet. After chatting with him about the profession I was hooked. I knew pedorthics was the career for me.

Today, there is nothing I enjoy more than watching sports on TV and seeing one of the athletes I have helped accomplish their goals. One of my favourite memories is watching an elite high jumper set a Canadian record in Europe after I had modified his high jump spike. The icing on the cake was when I received a call from Nike shortly after the competition asking if they could duplicate the spike I had created.

Custom shoe maker in Red Deer helps patients with foot abnormalities across Canada

I grew up in the Netherlands in a family that was always involved in shoe retail and shoe repair. When I was 18 I decided to follow in my family footsteps so I began an eight year apprenticeship program in orthopaedic shoe making. I have been a custom shoe maker for more than 25 years and I continue to enjoy every aspect of my career; the creativity, helping people with their mobility, and the long-term relationships I develop with my customers (I have been working with some of my them my entire career!).