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May 2014

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Help! My Tween Has Heel Pain

If you’re the parent of a tween or teen you know firsthand how quickly children can shoot up during a growth spurt. Although parents are often prepared to discover the milk jug is always empty and all the clothes in their child’s closet no longer fit, many are surprised to hear their child suddenly complaining about painful or tender heels. If your growing child is experiencing heel pain, he/she may have Sever’s disease.

Don’t let a good cause hurt you

If you are one of the tens of thousands of Canadians who are planning to lace up their running shoes and participate in a charitable walk or run this year, be sure to do some pre-event preparation. Walk and run-a-thons can be beneficial for both participants and charities, but whether you are registered for a 10-kilometre walk or a grueling marathon, if you don’t prepare appropriately your good intentions may result in a painful injury.

High Heels: A Workplace Hazard

In Canada today, there is widespread awareness about foot hazards in factories and construction sites. Employers in these, and other, hazardous workplaces typically have strict rules requiring employees to wear protective footwear. Interestingly, there is very low awareness of the use of high heels in workplaces. This may sound ridiculous but I am quite serious. High heels are a major cause of short and long term foot injury in workplaces across Canada.  

BC Pedorthist specializes in caring for diabetic feet

It’s not an exaggeration to say that a passion for helping people with foot problems runs in my blood. My grandfather was a custom shoe and logging boot manufacturer in British Columbia and my father was a podiatrist who specialized in the care of diabetic feet. Today both my brother and I are Canadian Certified Pedorthists.

From Mechanic to Canadian Certified Pedorthist

Unlike many Pedorthists who have undergraduate degrees in science or kinesiology, I entered the profession after working as a mechanic. Although this seems like an unconventional background for someone who works in healthcare, my early experience as an automotive mechanic combined with the extensive training I took to earn my C. Ped (C), equipped me well for a career in pedorthics. Like Pedorthists, automotive mechanics require a thorough understanding of systems, a need to be able to carefully evaluate why these systems sometimes fail and an ability to use that knowledge and hands on skills to get them back up and running again