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August 2014

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Shoe Fitter or Shoe Fetcher – Do you know the difference?

When I was 21 I took my first steps towards a career in pedorthics when I got a job fitting shoes at a large sporting goods retailer. Although shoe sections in chain stores are often staffed by “shoe fetchers” I was very fortunate to work alongside an expert shoe fitter. He taught me about biomechanics, lower limb pathologies and foot function and that selling shoes was far more than grabbing the size a customer asks for. With the fantastic base he provided, I went on to become a C. Ped Tech (C). Today my interest in shoe fitting remains stronger than ever.

Sore back or knees? The culprit may be your feet

Whether you stand all day at work, enjoy a daily run, spend hours volunteering or care for small children, your feet take a lot of pounding. Although feet can withstand a lot of demands, you shouldn’t take them for granted as your feet are composed of dozens of delicate bones and joints that can easily be injured by wearing ill-fitting shoes or because of the way you naturally walk.

Compression hosiery can help tired, achy legs

If you have heavy, fatigued legs or swollen feet and ankles at the end of a long day of sitting or standing don’t dismiss your discomfort or assume you have to live with it. Ask your Canadian Certified Pedorthist about compression hosiery. Compression hosiery is a highly beneficial medical aid that can ease these uncomfortable symptoms.

Will changing my foot strike reduce my risk of a running injury?

I was recently interviewed by CBC television news about foot strike patterning. The reporter, Kim Brunhuber, who is an avid runner, wanted me to clarify which strike pattern is best for recreational runners as there are so many conflicting stories and theories circulating today. He was particularly interested if recreational runners could reduce their chance of injury if they switched from their natural strike pattern. Here’s what I shared with him.