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October 2014

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Kelowna Pedorthist Studying Craft of Custom Boot Making

In 2015, my goal is to write the exam to become a Certified Pedorthic Master Craftsman, which means I will be certified in the craft of custom shoe design and manufacturing. There are only five Pedorthists in Canada with this designation, so becoming the sixth would be a great accomplishment.  

Finding the best care possible for your feet and lower limbs

Do you think you may benefit from foot orthotics or orthopaedic footwear but don’t know where to go for help? Foot orthotics and orthopaedic shoes are widely available – you have probably noticed signs for them in stores in your community or on online shopping sites. However, orthotics and footwear that are improperly fitted or don’t have the appropriate features for your foot condition will not help you and may even worsen your pain or decrease your mobility. To make sure you are getting the best care possible for your feet and lower limbs ask your family doctor for a referral to a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. Canadian Certified Pedorthists are healthcare professionals trained in designing, fitting and modifying custom-made foot orthotics and orthopaedic footwear.

Does my child need to see a Pedorthist?

Parents of young children often ask me if they should bring their child for a pedorthic assessment. Here’s what I advise. If their child is experiencing pain or is having difficulty walking, running or playing they should book a consultation with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. However, if their child’s feet appear flat but they don’t have any pain and are a normal active child a pedorthic consultation is not necessary.

Achilles tendinitis: a common overuse injury

Do you experience dull pain near the back of your heel or in the back of your leg after your regular run or after playing your favourite sport? When you ramp up your exercise is the pain more severe or prolonged? If so, you may have Achilles tendinitis.

Athletes turn to bracing to prevent injuries

I’m an avid baseball player, volleyball player and skier so I completely understand the frustration athletes experience when they are sidelined by an injury. As the owner of a sports orthotics and bracing clinic in White Rock, BC I am fortunate to be able to combine my passion for pedorthics with my love of sports. Each day I help competitive and non-competitive athletes and active people get back to doing what they love.