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December 2015

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Winter boot primer

Many people wait until the arrival of the first snow before pulling out their winter boots, and the minute the snow has melted in the spring, quickly move them to the back of the closet until the following winter. Although trying to keep winter at bay for as long as possible may give you a psychological lift, it is important to pull out your winter footwear well before the onset of winter to make sure it doesn’t need replacing.

Does tip toeing hurt?

If you have pain running along your inner leg and ankle to your arch and midfoot you may have tibialis posterior tendonopathy, a painful overuse injury. Try standing on your toes. With tibialis posterior tendonopathy it is difficult and painful to get up.

The tibialis posterior is a pencil thin tendon that runs down the inside of your leg and under your foot. It helps to stabilize your foot and keep the longitudinal arch from rolling inwards when you walk or run. Tibialis posterior tendonopathy typically results from wear and tear of the tendon rather than from inflammation. It usually only occurs in one foot but in some instances it can occur in both.

Pedorthic treatment depends on two-way communication

I’m a firm believer in the old adage “communication is a two-way street.” When I started working as a Pedorthist in 1997, I learned very quickly the importance of clearly communicating to my patients when a patient, who came into my clinic with a prescription for custom-made orthotics, asked if orthotics were special shoes.

Although Pedorthists are trained to clearly explain their assessment and treatment plan, as a patient, it is equally important you tell your Pedorthist if you don’t fully understand something. Before you leave their clinic, make sure you completely understand the reasons behind your pain or mobility problems, how pedorthic treatment will help and what you have to do to make it successful.