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February 2016

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Can I wear dress shoes with my orthotics?

If your Canadian Certified Pedorthist recommends custom foot orthotics for you during your assessment it is important to discuss the type of footwear you will be wearing with them. Although orthotics are most effective when worn with sturdy, supportive walking shoes, if you require dress shoes for work (either flats or heels), your Pedorthist can make orthotics for them.

As dress shoes typically do not have a removable liner and are sized to fit snugly on the foot, there is little extra room to fit an orthotic, so Pedorthists make dress shoe orthotics thinner and narrower. This enables the orthotics to fit flat on the base of the shoe and not bulge out the sides. Dress shoe orthotics also usually end just before the ball of the foot so they don’t take up any more room at the toes in an already tight space.

If I wear orthotics do I need expensive shoes?

Recently, when I was fitting a patient for custom foot orthotics, he asked me if his orthotics would only work in expensive shoes. This is a common concern for many of my patients especially for those who are living on a fixed income.

Although foot orthotics are only as good as the shoes they are worn in, this doesn’t necessarily mean the shoes have to be expensive. In fact, “expensive” does not always equal “better” when it comes to shoes.