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May 2016

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Don’t let a workout hurt you

Working out is great for your health but if you haven’t used fitness equipment before or you’re starting an exercise program for the first time it’s important to take some precautions or your goals of improved health may experience a frustrating and painful setback.

Newcomers to the gym often head straight to the elliptical trainer because it provides a great workout, is easy to use and is usually in plentiful supply. But an elliptical can cause overuse injuries in the sensitive forefoot area as the foot never leaves the ground, and instead bends right at the forefoot. Injuries can result from any exercise equipment but equipment that requires repetitive weight-bearing motions, such as the elliptical or similarly popular treadmill, have a higher risk of injury. If you have poor technique, wear improper or worn out footwear or have a muscle imbalance or biomechanical problem with your feet or lower limbs your risk of injury is even greater.

Turn family time into active time

Spending time together as a family has numerous benefits for parents and kids alike and scheduling a weekly family dinner has often been touted as a great way to stay connected. In this digital age when Moms, Dads and children are spending much of their days on screens, a weekly family physical activity is an equally great way to bond as a family and also get in some much needed exercise.

If each of your family members like different activities, alternate your activity each week so each family member gets to have a turn choosing the activity. Alternately, if you have family consensus, plan to do the same activity all season long. Just make it clear that only activities that every family member can participate in are acceptable.