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July 2016

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What is the biggest cause of foot problems?

As a Canadian Certified Pedorthist who sees many different foot conditions each day, I don’t believe any condition is greater than another. Foot pain is foot pain and nobody should have to live with it. I am trained to figure out the cause and solution to foot pain and seeing my patients feel and move better following treatment is one of my favourite parts of my job.

Each day, the average person stands for up to five hours and walks about 10,000 steps with their feet serving as a shock absorber.  As each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 ligaments and more than 100 muscles there are many different parts absorbing the shock from the daily pounding. If any of these parts are damaged through overuse, medical conditions, injuries or poor fitting footwear, pain and mobility issues will result.

My Feet Are Two Different Sizes

My feet are two different sizes, how do I buy shoes that fit?

For your foot health and comfort, it is important to buy properly fitted shoes but if your feet measure two different sizes (and most people’s do) how do you decide which size to purchase? I recommend three different solutions, depending on your situation:

Solution 1

If your feet measure within a half size of each other and you don’t have any other problems with your feet, purchase shoes to fit your largest foot. Although, you should buy footwear that fits your larger foot, it’s also important to make sure it fits your smaller foot. For example, my right foot is a 9.5 EEE and my left foot is a size 9 EEEEE.  I can usually wear a 9.5 EEE shoe as long as it is a generous EEE width and the shoe is square at the toes. To make sure the shoes fit both of your feet, try them on and walk around in the store before purchasing them.