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August 2016

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Plantar Fasciitis Tips

Don’t let plantar fasciitis slow you down

Do you have pain in your heels and through the arches of your feet first thing in the morning and after you have been sitting for a while? If you do, it could be plantar fasciitis, a swelling of the plantar fascia – the main tendon that holds up your foot arch. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of foot pain.

Unlike muscle, the plantar fascia has very little flexibility so it can easily become irritated, inflamed, over-used or torn. Plantar fasciitis is painful but fortunately it is quite easily treated. Here are some tips for easing plantar fasciitis:

Why do my feet hurt more when I stand?

Tired, achy feet are normal after a lengthy period of standing but if your feet hurt in one particular area after a long day on your feet, you should book a consultation with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.

When you stand, the same muscles in your feet fire repeatedly as the pressure on them remains constant. However, when you walk about, the pressure shifts to and from different areas of your foot as the same muscles aren’t working all the time. If you have a sore area on your foot, walking will be less painful than standing as the pressure is on the area for less time.