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September 2016

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Weekend Warriors

Tips to keep weekend warriors injury free

Many time-deprived parents know that engaging in an intense bout of exercise one day a week while remaining sedentary the other six days increases their risk of injury, but they still persist with irregular, hard workouts. I understand completely as I’m often at fault of the same behaviour. Since my son arrived this summer, I have been trying to balance my desire to spend as much time with him with my busy clinical schedule. On the days I work this means I rarely find time to exercise.

Put shoes at the top of your back to school shopping list

It’s back to school shopping time. As school-aged children play hard and grow during the summer holidays, new shoes should be at the top of all parents shopping lists.

Here are the tips I give parents who visit my clinic:

• Never hand shoes down from an older child to a younger child even if the shoes are only slightly worn. The shoes may not fit the younger child properly and the wear patterns from the older child will be incorrect for the new wearer.