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December 2016

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Wet feet are bad for your health but they don’t cause colds

As a child, when I played outside during the winter, my mother always used to tell me to come inside if my feet and hands got wet as she was concerned I would catch a cold. Although colds are caused by viruses, not cold, wet feet, my mother was right to make me come inside to dry off. Today, as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, I advise my patients to do the same.

When water seeps through your footwear, your skin absorbs the water causing your feet to become waterlogged and wrinkly. The longer your feet are wet, the greater the damage to your skin, including tears and the formation of blisters and deep painful cracks. Depending on where they are located on the foot, these injuries can be painful and may limit your mobility. If you are living with diabetes the injuries can be life changing as they may lead to serious ulcers that become infected and take many months to heal.