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Different Orthotic Styles

By |September 7, 2021|

The custom foot orthotic style begins with an appointment with you and your Canadian Certified Pedorthist. To help determine how your custom foot orthotics will help you best, your primary area of complaint (pain) is the central focus! Orthotic Design The material creating the arch support is made to match the contours of the bottom of your feet. A middle layer can provide additional cushioning and comfort, as well as additional support. The top layer (cover) is the layer that contacts your foot directly. This layer can be thin or [...]

Soft vs. Hard Orthotics

By |September 7, 2021|

Isn’t it true that hard orthotics are inconvenient? Soft orthotics, without a doubt, are more comfortable. So, which type is the best? These are very common questions that can be answered in a different way. Assessing someone’s need for orthotics, begins with necessity and function rather than material preference. So, what is your best option? Is it better to have soft or hard foot orthotics? How can you tell whether your feet need a hard plastic orthotic or a soft orthotic? It all depends on the situation. Sometimes, a client’s [...]

How Orthotics Are Made

By |September 7, 2021|

Custom foot orthotics are supportive devices inserted in footwear that help to control the biomechanical functioning of the foot. In turn, this can affect the functioning of the lower limbs, which can help to deal with issues besides the foot, such as ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. Casting the Feet Orthotics are made from casts of the feet of which there are several methods used today. Whichever process used, the goal is to capture a three-dimensional copy of the bottom surface of the feet, which is used as a [...]

Back To School Shoe Shopping for Kids

By |September 3, 2021|

Read this article for shoe shopping tips and tricks for growing feet and expanding minds. When buying footwear for kids, the support, fit, and comfort of the shoe will be the most important to keep up with their active lifestyles. Support Before trying shoes on, physically test and assess the footwear with your hands. First, squeeze the back heel of the shoes wrapping your thumb and your middle finger around the heel cup of the shoe and squeeze the sides. Then push the very back of the heel counter with [...]

Meet a Pedorthist – Ish Sehmbey, C. Ped (C)

By |June 9, 2021|

In her fourth year at Simon Fraser University, Ish took a course that required her to complete a practicum at an Orthopaedic Clinic. Working with an Orthotist and Pedorthist inspired Ish to follow a career path into Pedorthics. This path has led Ish to become an owner at BioPed in Surrey, British Columbia. Helping patients with pain is the most rewarding part of Pedorthics for Ish. Helping patients resume and continue with their daily activities brings her joy and satisfaction. Mentoring other apprentices to help them on the first steps [...]

What Every Senior Should Know About Orthotics

By |June 4, 2021|

This being senior’s month, I have been asked about the importance of proper footwear and orthotic appliances for those of the older generation. Mum Dad or perhaps even You, could benefit from paying attention to your feet. Remember that you need to keep them in good shape to carry you around for your entire life, its best to look after them, for the elderly they are more important than you realize. Being able to walk is good for us in several ways. As I say it’s good for the head [...]

Orthotics in 5 Steps

By |June 4, 2021|

Getting used to orthotics in 5 easy steps (number tbd) – overview of benefits of orthotics plus tips for getting used to wearing orthotics including gradually increasing wear time, follow up appointment to check for fit, be patient (how long should wait t Orthotics have the benefit of supporting the feet that need that. If a person's arches have fallen, it can cause pain in the arch, ankle or even the knee. Correcting this issue can help relieve pain that a person experiences. Orthotics are also good at providing shock [...]

Orthotics vs OTC Orthotics

By |June 4, 2021|

Lower limb pain is no joke. Aches and pains that make your day uncomfortable or unbearable can cause issues to both your work day and leisure time. Whether it be hereditary, from spending many hours on our feet, or from an injury there are many different tools that can help with this pain. Orthotics, whether they are custom or not, are geared towards creating small changes in our lower limb biomechanics (how we move), in hopes of reducing pressure in areas that are causing pain. In this post we’ll go [...]

Choosing the Right Shoes for your Orthotics

By |June 4, 2021|

When the foot and ankle are healing from injury, it can be difficult to find a shoe that fits properly. Depending on your wardrobe requirements, deciding between a dress shoe and an athletic shoe may be difficult. However, when a foot orthotic is prescribed, the task becomes even more difficult. Roominess or volume, length and width, stiffness and flexibility may all be issues. Best Shoe for Orthotics Shoes for orthotics are shoes that can be worn with an orthotic device such as an insole, insert, or brace. However, for bulky [...]

What is Ball of Foot Pain?

By |June 4, 2021|

The medical term for pain in the ball of the foot is metatarsalgia. It's more of a catch-all word for a symptom that may be caused by a number of things than a disease in and of itself. Metatarsalgia is characterized by pain and inflammation in the padding immediately beneath the toes, where we put the most pressure when standing or moving. The pain is usually felt in the metatarsal heads (the joint just beneath your toes) or the big toe. You might also feel shooting pain, numbness, and pain [...]

Why do my Feet Hurt When I’m Standing?

By |May 3, 2021|

You wake up, drink your coffee, and get ready to go to work. You hop into the car, get to work and start your day. Sure enough just like that the pain sets in, much like it has every day before. Whether it’s standing in one spot or walking around the pain is persistent. Sometimes it can get worse towards the end of the day, others at the beginning and sometimes no pain at all. Your feet are the base of support to your body and when you have a [...]

Why are my Feet Numb?

By |May 3, 2021|

Numbness is a lack of sensation in a body part. It can be a partial or a complete loss. Although loss of sensation is the main symptom of numbness in your foot, you may experience some additional, abnormal sensations. These include prickling or pins-and-needles sensation, tingling and weak-feeling feet So what causes numbness in your feet? That is not quite as easy a question to answer because there are several causes. Some of them are simple and obvious. Others are not so simple: It can be as simple as the [...]

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