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Loving Life as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist

The profession of Pedorthics was introduced to me at the age of sixteen. Because of my repeatedly sprained ankle, I was referred to a Pedorthist where I received by first pair of orthotics. Little did I know, eight years later I would be assessing for, and fabricating orthotics for patients of my own. Once I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology, an advertisement for the C. Ped (C) program at Western University caught my attention. With my previous orthotic experience, I decided the program looked very interesting and I met with a few Pedorthists to supplement my research into the program.

Southern Ontario Pedorthist helps patients from all walks of life

There is never a dull day in my clinics. Every day I see a diverse range of patients from active young children to factory workers to aging seniors with multiple conditions. Counselling this breadth of patients not only keeps me at the top of my game it always reminds me how much of an impact pedorthics can have on so many different demographic groups.

The Bane of Bunions

Bunions are a frustrating nuisance for many women who want to don fashionable open toed sandals but feel the red, hard bump at the base of their big toe joint should be hidden from view. Although bunions’ unsightly appearance is often women’s main concern, bunions can be far more than a beauty issue as bunions grow and worsen over time, often causing pain and impacting mobility.

Children shouldn’t flip flop their way through summer

For many Canadian children, summer means weeks of long, hot, carefree days spent in flip flops at camps, cottages and parks. While the fresh air and unstructured play can be excellent for a child’s development, weeks of roaming in ill-fitting, light weight flip flops may cause children serious harm.

Athletic footwear is a serious matter

If you’re an athlete you know how frustrating it can be to be sidelined by an injury. To help prevent injuries caused by repetitive strain on the lower extremities it is important for athletes to pay special attention to the type of footwear they are wearing.  I treat recreational athletes on a daily basis and the number one culprit is inappropriate footwear.

Don’t Take Your Feet For Granted

If you’re a healthy adult, chances are you don’t pay much attention to your feet. You may go for regular pedicures and spend a lot of time selecting fashionable footwear but I expect you don’t give much thought to your overall foot health. If this sounds like you, you’re definitely not alone. However, if you want to avoid the development of chronic foot problems later in life, I recommend you start making foot care part of your regular routine.

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