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To become a C. Ped (C) you must first complete a university degree in Kinesiology
or a similar field that includes the pre-requisite courses.

There are two possible routes to become a C. Ped (C):

Option 2 – Part A

Complete an apprenticeship program with a minimum of 3,500 hours, or approximately two to three years, of training.

Part B

When you have completed your studies you will be required to pass examinations set by The College of Pedorthics of Canada to receive your certification.

There are three levels of pedorthic certification offered in Canada: 

  • C. Ped MC – Certified Pedorthic Master Craftsman
  • C. Ped Tech (C) – Certified Pedorthic Technician Canada
  • C. Ped (C) – Certified Pedorthist Canada

More details on each of these certifications is available here.

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