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Vital foot & lower limb saving tips for people living with diabetes

Pedorthic management is vital for people living with Diabetes. Why? Canadian Certified Pedorthists are trained in foot assessments, biomechanical analysis, footwear fittings & modifications. Pedorthists are one of the few footcare professionals educated about footwear and sock choice as well as proper fit for footwear. These skills are essential in helping patients with Diabetes prevent foot issues or help manage existing foot conditions, such as ulceration.

De-Feet Metatarsalgia

Some of my patients have described Metatarsalgia – forefoot pain – as sharp, shooting, pins and needles, dull, pebble-under-the-foot type pain  that returns even after a period of rest.

Living with Osteoarthritis: A Patient Profile

Living with arthritis can be tough especially when you are someone who enjoys being active. Just ask Vivian, a 65-year old from Kitchener who suffers from Osteoarthritis of the knee and big toe joints. Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder and typically occurs due to age or wear/tear on joints. For people that enjoy being active the resulting pain associated with the affected joints can make simple activities such as walking and standing troublesome. Vivian enjoyed walking and playing darts with friends. She said her “knees become so sore and painful that I could hardly stand to play darts let alone enjoy walks”. The pain eventually became so severe that she elected to have the right knee replaced. Following surgery, Vivian tried to be moreactive to help with the recovery but still had pain in her knee and was recommended custom made orthotics by her family physician.

The Truth About “Toning” Shoes

With product claims including weight loss, increased muscle tone, a reduction in lower back pain, and overall improvement in posture and balance it is no wonder that millions of pairs of so called “toning” shoes with an unstable construction have been sold worldwide. This type of footwear was introduced in the mid 90’s and has continued to grow in popularity since its introduction. It seems every time you turn around another manufacturer has released their own modelToning or unstable shoes have been developed to simulate an effect similar to the wobble board, with the primary purpose of activating and strengthening muscles that may be relatively inactive and underutilized while wearing a more stable shoe.

Patient Profile: Workplace Safety

Check out our lastest video showcasing how pedorthic management helped a real-life workplace accident:

Are Flip Flops a Flop for Feet? Choosing the Perfect Sandal

With the warm weather finally here, many people are kicking off their shoes and replacing them with sandals, worse than that, with flip flops. These easy to slip on, fashionable summer shoes have been known in the past to do more harm than good to our feet and legs.

The problem with wearing a basic flip flop is that people tend to walk everywhere with them on their feet. From the park, to the beach, to the office and to the mall without realizing the damage they are doing to their feet.

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