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Winning the Race with Orthotics

Last week we started to dispel the myth that orthotics are just for senior citizens. Don’t get me wrong – orthotics can certainly help seniors to improve their balance and foot comfort – but they can also help athletes!

For athletes, constantly improving their function and form is crucial to achieve winning results.  In cases where an athlete or highly active individual has an abnormal walking or “gait” pattern, orthotics may provide assistance.

Orthotics can help Kids’ Growing Pains

Contrary to what some might think, orthotics are not just for grandparents. They are useful devices for people with diabetes and arthritis and in supporting foot wound care; but orthotics aren’t just for old people. Orthotics can help people of all ages – even children!

As children grow, many will experience minor leg aches and some soreness. This is considered “growing pains”, a normal part of childhood and oftentimes does not seem to faze the child, parent or physician.  However, some children experience true pain.  Often after a day of high activity, a child may experience sharp, nagging and/or deep pain in the shins, calves and/or thighs.  This pain often presents itself at night. Children wake up from sleep or have difficulty falling asleep, crying because of the pain. Parents are then left to console their child with leg rubs, hot packs and pain medication.  By morning, the child often feels better, but in some cases, they feel stiff until they get moving.

Winter Vacations and Your Feet

Winter time is here and with that comes tropical winter vacations.  A time when we shed our thick jackets, long underwear and winter boots for shorts, tank tops and sandals.  All too often as Pedorthists we see people go off to their vacations and come back with foot injuries.  There are a combination of factors involved in an increased rate of foot injuries during winter vacations:

Registration for 2012 Symposium is now online

This year’s Symposium, taking place from April 20-21 at the beautiful Westin Resort and Spa in Whistler BC, promises to be an exciting event filled with informative keynotes, interactive workshops and industry networking.

The full Symposium outline will soon be available on the website, but in the meantime you can check out the promotional flyer here to see some of the highlights.

2012 Resolution – Be Kind to your Feet

Here is a list of the Top 5 things you should resolve to do for better foot and lower limb health:

1. Stretch

If you have one resolution for better foot and lower limb health, stretching should be it!

Stretching reduces muscle tension, improves range of motion, increases coordination, and it can even increase circulation and energy levels. Most of us are less active in the winter months and don’t feel like braving the cold temperatures for some exercise, and stretching is the perfect remedy to keep you limber and healthy over the winter season and throughout the rest of the year.

Pedorthic Tips: Getting the Right Winter Boots

While winter boots are mostly about “warmth”, they also need to be about “fit”. Ensuring your winter boots fit properly while providing the appropriate support you require is critical to having feet that are both warm and comfortable.

A boot that is too tight or short may lead to cold feet. When consulting a footwear expert such as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, don’t be surprised if you end up being fit in a winter boot in a half size bigger than your regular footwear. The larger size allows for a layer of warm air to surround your foot inside the boot, keeping you warmer.

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