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Don’t let a fall change your life

As a healthcare professional who regularly works with elderly patients I am keenly aware of the negative effect of falls; on numerous occasions, I have seen a fall change the quality of an individual’s life.

Pedorthic Terminology

When I consult with patients I always encourage them to stop me at any point if I say something they don’t understand. This is important, as pedorthic treatment is most successful when patients have a clear understanding of my assessment and recommended treatment. Despite my encouragement, some patients are still reluctant to tell me when they need further explanation.

Transitioning from Indoor to Outdoor Training

Winter has much of Canada in its cold snowy grips, forcing many of us to train indoors. Although most people are keen to get back outside as soon as the weather improves, it can be difficult to transition from indoor to outdoor training. Here are some tips to ensure you enjoy a seamless, injury-free transition back outside as soon as the weather allows.

New Soles

Have your shoes done too much work?

Do you have a pair of shoes you can’t imagine parting with? Have you had them for years and worn them for every special occasion? Are they your go-to, every day, favourites or are they a lucky pair of athletic shoes that helped you win an important championship?

Whether it is comfort, style or emotional attachment many people have at least one pair of shoes they wear all the time. As footwear specialists, Canadian Certified Pedorthists recommend shoes be replaced every 8-10 months or every 2,500 km as they wear out and lose their effectiveness. However, we also understand people want to hold on to some special pairs longer. Here’s what I recommend:

Recently Diagnosed with Diabetes?

If you or a family member have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the adjustments you have to make to stay healthy. The good news is you don’t have to stop doing your favourite activities. On the contrary, an active lifestyle is important to staying healthy. However, diabetes can have a serious impact on the well-being of your feet so you need to stay on top of all foot-related issues to prevent small concerns from becoming serious problems.

Foot orthotics can improve your hockey game

For many of us, winter means hockey. Whether you play on a neighbourhood team or are a member of a competitive league, you probably have two goals: to perform your best and to remain injury free.

Many hockey players understand the role good quality, professionally-fitted skates play in game performance and injury prevention. However, do you know that custom foot orthotics, designed specifically to fit inside your skates, can have an even greater influence on your game and reduce your risk of injury?

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