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Orthotics Technology Forum

June 2, 2021 – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET

It can hard to identify what technology is useful to foot health practitioners and labs amongst the spectrum of adverts, acronyms and general evangelism that we hear daily.

Is the digital process an attempt to dumb down clinical control? Can a good custom orthosis be designed in a virtual digital world? Is the process of carving insoles accurate? Is 3D Printing a gimmick or could it help custom  insoles evolve to provide more without costing a fortune? Is 3D Printing too expensive or too slow?

The Orthotics Technology Forum (OTF) is an old and proven conference format that aims to answer these questions and many more. It will provide all foot health practitioners with an overview of the whole digital process, from 3D scanning, to digital functional and accommodative design to carving and printing fully custom insoles. We will show and discuss, scanning tools and methods, how good clinical designs and clinical knowledge can be stored and reused, how different manufacturing technologies can enhance patient outcome (or not).

Anyone attending will leave with a very broad knowledge of new tools and materials and will be able to explore, or ignore, new and emerging technology with confidence.

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The Speakers

Dean Hartley – Group CEO – Bodies & Minds, Feet & Ankles – Feet & Ankles Divisions at Healthia Limited Australia

Dean Hartley is a Podiatrist of 10 years and founding Director of Balance Podiatry & iOrthotics. Dean was integral in the development of iOrthotics and implementing 3D printing technology to innovate the orthotics industry. iOrthotics now boasts to be one of the only orthotic laboratories in the world producing 3D printed orthotics. As CTO, Dean is responsible for setting the IT roadmap, ensuring this works with the broader business strategy whilst being the interface between the technology department and the rest of the business.


Scott Morrison – General Manager – FIT360

Scott Morrison founded Allsports Podiatry in 2003 alongside Physiotherapy Director, Tony Ganter. Scott has a Bachelor of Science (Human Movement Studies/Exercise Physiology) from the University of Queensland (1998) and a Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) with Honours from the Queensland University of Technology (2001). Since graduating Scott has worked primarily in the clinical setting and has enjoyed several years as a member of staff at QUT, teaching anatomy, orthotic manufacture and biomechanics to podiatry students. He currently works at iOrthotics managing the day to day operations in addition to one day treating patients.


Chris Lawrie – CEO – FIT360

Chris Lawrie worked for 10 years within the UK Automotive industry before joining Warwick University’s Warwick Manufacturing Group in 1995 as a senior research fellow specialising in Engineering Technology (Reality Capture & 3D Printing (AM)). Chris has been in the engineering CADCAM software market for the past 18 years, owns a mass customisation software company called FIT360 Ltd, who are focused on getting affordable technology into the hands of Labs & Practitioners to improve Patient outcomes. As a side-line Chris manages his son’s music business finances. Chris would describe himself as serial-technologist with a good ear for music.


Lauren Whitaker – Pre-sales Support Manager – FIT360

Lauren Whitaker started her first role supporting Delcam’s CRISPIN product range (software for the design and manufacture of footwear) whilst finishing her degree in Footwear design. As part of Autodesk’s acquisition of Delcam Lauren continued to support Autodesk’s Footwear range as an applications engineer in the international support department. She then moved her focusing to user experience, designing workflows for the CAM workspace in Fusion 360. Lauren joined FIT360 in 2020 looking after the Pre-sales side of the business.


Eric Stephenson – Pacific Orthotic Laboratory

Eric is an experienced entrepreneur with over 15 years owning and operating businesses. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Western Washington University in Philosophy. In 2007, he invested in a B2B franchise that focused on Business Management Services and Technologies. Eric was the youngest franchise holder in the history of the organization and later became one of only to own multiple locations. Currently, Eric owns and operates Pacific Orthotic Laboratory in Woodinville, WA, which he acquired in 2016. Founded in 1994, the company has fabricated over half a million custom foot orthotics and carries over 50 years of industry experience in its ranks.

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